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Stick Figures (Book with CD)

Stick Figures (Book with CD)

Stick Figures (Book with CD)

A unique Book/CD package featuring famous Australian drummers:

  • Stewart Speer: Legendary Max Merritt & the Meteors stalwart
  • Darryn Farrugia: Ex - Hey Hey It's Saturday & contemporary jazz / funk stylist
  • Andrew Gander: Amazing musician, performed with James Morrison, Roy & H.G's Club Buggery TV show etc.
  • Mark Kennedy: Put Oz drummers on the world stage with Ayers Rock, Renee Geyer, Long Way to the Top tour
  • Graham Morgan: Most recorded drummer in Oz history and regular at AUDW
  • Gordon Rytmeister: Journeyman who has performed with so many, from Tom Burlinson through to Australian Idol
  • John Watson: Bbest known for his hard hitting style with James Reyne, also Renee Geyer

Each drummer's chapter has an interview with photos, transcriptions and analysis, equipment details and discography. As well as drummers, the book suits readers looking for insights into studio recording and improving performance skills. Your local drum teachers can join institutions such as NMIT, Eastern Region Libraries and many secondary colleges in using this resource with their students.

The book is 132 pages with a full colour cover and free CD featuring the original recordings by each drummer.

From ‘Australian Musician’ Magazine, 2005:

"The seed for this book was sewn when local bass session gun James Kempster lamented to the author David Hicks during a jam, "Why don't we have books about Australian musicians?" Why not indeed! Stick Figures offers a wonderful window into the world of seven of Australia's top session drummers. Hicks has chosen his subject matter wisely. Who could argue the inclusion of Stewart Speer, Darryn Farrugia, Andrew Gander, Mark Kennedy, Graham Morgan, Gordon Rytmeister and John Watson. Not only does the book present informative background information, drum set ups and interview snippets on each musician, it also contains a 19 track CD (including songs by Paul Kelly, James Reyne, Kirk Lorange, and John Farnham) enabling the reader to dissect transcriptions, and hear just why these musicians are held in such high regard. Hicks too is an accomplished drummer, and is well qualified to deliver such a book, having played with everyone from the Seekers to Randy Brecker,  along with major stage and film productions. Stick Figures works on many levels and should be essential reading for anyone even vaguely into the art of drumming."

Dom Famularo feedback:

“Ithink this is excellent! Well put together with all the bio and educational stuff! There is so much here to learn from and be inspired! I have always been very moved by the Australian drummers. It is humbling to hear them all. Now the world gets to hear! I know what it takes to put a book out! Not easy! And this looks great! The CD has some really great music. The variety is HUGE! I play this all the time in my car! I will show this to my students …”

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