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Electronic Drums

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Choose from our Wide Range of Electronic Drum Kits and Accessories!

At Drummers Paradise we have a wide range of Electronic Drumkits, Electronic Percussion and Electronic Coaches. If you're looking for quiet home practice, or live gigging onstage, we have everything you need with our complete line-up of Roland V-Drums. Looking for an electronic drumkit on a budget? Not a problem - check out our Dtronic or Carlsbro range!

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Looking for accessories to go with your Electronic Drum Kit? We stock a wide range of add-on Drum and Cymbal pads, but if you're thinking of creating an Electronic Hybrid Drumkit, we also stock Drum Triggers and Trigger Modules! We've also got a wide range of Metronomes from both Boss and Tama - so you can perfect your timing, and we've also got Headphones and Monitors so you can rock out with your Electronic Drum Kit! Come and check them out!

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