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Find All Your Favourite Brand's Drumsticks, Mallets and More

Are you looking for drumsticks from one of the major drumstick companies ProMark, Regal Tip, Vater or Vic Firth? Have a look at the links below! Drummers Paradise has a huge selection of drumsticks, brushes, mallets and multi-rod drumsticks, both instore and though our webstore. If you're looking for orchestral or marching related sticks and mallets, you can find what you're looking for below!

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Are you looking for drumsticks, but have a budget to stick to? Look no further, and check out our DXP, Goodwood (by Vater), LA Special (by ProMark) range, and the Drummers Paradise branded Up North (by Los Cabos) sticks. We're sure you'll find something you'll like!

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Looking to express your sound with something other than conventional drumsticks? Check the links below to view some of the big range of Brushes, Mallets and Multi-Rod sticks we have at Drummers Paradise!



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