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Make your Drum Kit sound Amazing at Drummers Paradise!

At Drummers Paradise we have a MASSIVE selection of drumheads from the world's leading brands - Evans and Remo. Whether you're looking for a single ply head, a double ply head, a coated head, or a clear head, shop online, or come into our store, and let us satisfy your drumming needs!

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REMO Silentstroke Drumheads

The Silentstrokeā„¢ drumheads are the ultimate in low volume drumheads, designed for quiet practice applications where standard drumset volumes are an issue. Constructed with 1-ply mesh material, Silentstrokeā„¢ drumheads provide a soft spring-like feel at very low decibel levels.

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Drummers Paradise has an extensive selection of Evans Drumheads suitable from the home enthusiast through to the seasoned professional. Available individually or in packs, Drummers Paradise and Evans Drumheads will make sure your kit sounds fantastic!

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Looking for Remo Drumheads? Look no further than Drummers Paradise! With a huge selection of Remo Bass Drum Heads, Snare Heads, Tom Heads and Drumhead Packs, we're sure to have what you need, so come and visit us instore or take advantage of our Online Store!

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