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Find your cymbal sound with Sabian Cymbals and Drummers Paradise!

Drummers Paradise has a great range of Sabian Cymbals. If you're looking for great cymbals to start out with, we have individual cymbals or cymbal packs with the Sabian B8 Series, B8 Pro Series, or the XS20 Series. Looking for something to take out gigging, or hit the studio with? Check out the Sabian AA Series, AAX Series, HH Series, or the HHX Series. We know you'll find a cymbal that you love!

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SABIAN is proud to unveil a new collection of six unique Ride cymbals that are big, dark, loose and dynamic – but most importantly, they are huge fun to play! Although the collection contains cymbals that span four SABIAN cymbal series, all six models are united by their great complexity, versatility and distinctive appearance.

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B8X Series

The evolution of B8 - with more hammering - including fully hammered bells - adjusted profile, and a great new logo, B8X is superior to B8 in every way - at the exact same price! The result is enhanced projection, more complexity and a great new look.

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XSR Series

Crafted from pure Sabian B20 Bronze using trickle-down technology from our award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals, XSR delivers unprecedented sound and performance at a price designed to fit your cymbal budget. No other cymbal even comes close!

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AA Series

AA cymbals use an automated hammering process to create stronger, louder cymbal models. The combination of high-profile shape and small-peen, concentric hammering pattern raises the pitch for bright, explosive tone. And traditional lathing increases durability and toughness for more intense, high-volume performances. That's why AA-models are ideal in classic rock settings.

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AAX Series

AAX changed everything! Before AAX, most cymbals were manufactured using processes that had been around for centuries. AAX was the first B20 Bronze cymbal designed and manufactured using completely modern lathing and hammering techniques. The result? Increased brightness, cut and musicality - for the widest dynamic range ever achieved. And suddenly, the bright, explosive tone of AA cymbals was available even at low volume.

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HH Series

HH cymbals are traditional dark, hand hammered cymbals. Based on legendary Turkish models, we use a centuries-old manufacturing process to create cymbals with deep, dark, rich and complex tones. As a result, HH cymbal models blend smoothly into vintage musical settings like jazz, blues and R&B.

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HHX Series

Until HHX, dark cymbals simply did not cut. With HHX, Sabian changed all of that. Using an innovative combination of high-profile shape, large raw bell and jumbo-sized hammering, they ensured that the dark, tonally complex sounds of HHX cuts in any situation. Essentially, they took the warm, dark, complex tone of HH cymbals - and made it cut for modernmusical settings.

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Paragon Series

Designed for RUSH drummer Neil Peart, Paragon cymbals combine the explosive power of AA, the warmth of HH and the wide dynamic range of AAX. Like Peart, they are powerful, bright and extremely musical. Paragon is full-on power, with the sensitivity to dip into lower dynamics.

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Artisan Series

Artisan is the pinnacle of cymbal manufacturing. Fusing traditional high-density hand hammering with a touch of innovation, Sabian Vault specialists have crafted a traditional "Old World" cymbal for modern times. Artisan cymbals are tonally depp, dark and rich - with plenty of volume for modern musical genres. Use them for jazz, rock, hip-hop and more.

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Cymbal Packs

Sabian has a great range of Cymbal Packs for the Novice Drummer, the Enthusiast, or the Seasoned Professional!

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