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Sabian Cymbals

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Find your cymbal sound with Sabian Cymbals and Drummers Paradise!

Drummers Paradise has a great range of Sabian Cymbals. If you're looking for great cymbals to start out with, we have individual cymbals or cymbal packs with the Sabian B8X Series or the XSR Series. Looking for something to take out gigging, or hit the studio with? Check out the Sabian AA Series, AAX Series, HH Series, HHX Series, or the Artisans - we know you'll find a cymbal that you love!

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SABIAN is proud to unveil a new collection of six unique ride cymbals that are big, dark, loose and dynamic – but most importantly, they are huge fun to play! Although the collection contains cymbals that span four SABIAN cymbal series, all six models are united by their great complexity, versatility and distinctive appearance.

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