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We have a Massive selection of Pearl Drums and Hardware at Drummers Paradise!

We've got an amazing selection of Pearl drums and hardware instore at Drummers Paradise. With Drum Kits ranging from our entry level Pearl Roadshow and Export packages through to professional kits such as the Pearl Session Studio Classic or the Pearl Reference series - kits taylored to meet the specific requirements of today's gigging players. Drummers Paradise has what you need when it comes to Pearl drums!

Pearl Roadshow Drumkits.jpg

Pearl Roadshow 18 Gig Kit.jpg

Pearl Roadshow 20 Fusion Drum Kit.jpg

Pearl Roadshow 22 Fusion Plus Drum Kit.jpg

THE RHYTHM IS IN YOU ... the right gear is essential for setting it free. No toys or hand-me-downs; a new, complete drum set package with everything you need to start your rhythmic journey to the big time!

Pearl Export Drumkits.jpg

Pearl Export 20 Fusion Drum Kit.jpg

Pearl Export 22 Fusion Plus Drum Kit.jpg

Pearl Export 22 Rock Drum Kit.jpg

The Legends of Tomorrow, play Export today!

The kit that spawned a thousand drumming legends is back for a new generation. Available in wrapped or lacquer finishes, Pearl’s new Export is built stronger than ever to give the student drummer’s lifetime of play a strong beginning.

Pearl Midtown Drumkits.jpg

Pearl Midtown.jpg

Pearl Midtown

Big Gig, Small Drums, Huge Sound!

This kit is as much at home on the street as it is onstage.

Pearl’s ultra-portable Midtown Kit is vital for the gigging drummer in the

Metropolitan Groove!

Pearl Decade Maple Drumkits.jpg

Pearl Decade Maple 20 Fusion Drum Kit.jpg

Pearl Decade Maple 22 Fusion Plus Drum Kit.jpg

Pearl Decade Maple 24 Rock Drum Kit.jpg

Practice Time is Over, It’s Time to Get Serious!

Pearl’s 70 years of drum craftsmanship culminate with the kit you’re ready to step up to. With 5.4mm Maple shells, pro-level features, and gorgeous lacquer finishes, Decade elevates your performance at a price that was previously impossible!

Pearl Crystal Beat.jpg

Pearl Crystal Beat.jpg

Pearl Crystal Beat

The Original Seamless Acrylic Drum Set. Not just another transparent trap kit for the hipster set, Crystal Beat's original seamless shell is back, upgraded, and fortified for today's power player!

Pearl Masters Maple Reserve Complete.jpg

Pearl Masters Maple Complete.jpg

Pearl Masters Maple Reserve.jpg

Pearl Masters Maple Complete

The road-proven combination of warmth, power, and tonal purity that made Masters a legend shines forward. Pearl’s new EvenPly 6-layer premium Maple shell, 2.3mm Superhoops, and an improved price tag make Masters a must for the touring pro.

Pearl Masters Maple Reserve

Combining a thin 4-ply Maple shell with 4-ply re-rings delivers an essential tonal combination of rich lows and wide-open resonance. This lively sonic character makes Masters Maple Reserve a natural choice for the most discerning musical pallet.

Pearl Session Studio Classic.jpg

Pearl Session Studio Classic.jpg

Session Studio Classic

Session Studio Classic without question is the ultimate value in drums. Offering many of the ground-breaking features normally found on drums that cost substantially more. Session Studio Classic is the perfect “Step up” kit for the aspiring musician.

Pearl Reference Reference Pure.jpg

Pearl Reference.jpg

Pearl Reference Pure.jpg

Pearl Reference

What if each drum in your drum set was engineered as an instrument unto itself? What if each tom was designed to respond perfectly within the confines of its respective frequency without compromise over any other areas of your kit? This is the mission behind Reference Series: A complete set of individually engineered, incredible sounding drums. So forget what you think you know about drums and take a look at Reference Series, the most acoustically advanced drums in the world.

Pearl Reference Pure

Pearl's Reference Pure proudly builds upon the legacy started by Pearl's original Reference Series Drums by using the exact shell composition formula, the same number and type of wood plies, and the same targeted task specific bearing edges to create a thin shell, highly resonant, lower mass version of the original.


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