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Looking for a Huge Selection of Mapex Drum Kits and Hardware? Find it at Drummers Paradise!

We've got a fantastic selection of Mapex drums and hardware instore at Drummers Paradise. Looking for that perfect entry level kit? Check out the Mapex Voyager! Looking for an Intermediate to Professional level kit? Check out the Mapex Mars or Mapex Armory kits - they will blow you away! Or have you always had that interest in something top shelf? Then the Mapex Saturn and Black Panther kits are for you!Mapex Storm Drumkits.jpg

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Mapex Storm Zildjian Cymbals.jpg

The Mapex Drum Company continues to give younger players in search of a no-nonsense approach to tuning and playing a new ready to play drum set; The Storm series. This new upper entry set not only simplifies the process of getting a great sound but it adds an entirely new style of drum finishes and hardware options.

Mapex Mars Drumkits.jpg

Mapex Mars.jpg

Mapex Mars

Fast attack, powerful punch and fast decay is exactly what you need from Birch and that is what Mars delivers, when you hear it you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to a kit with an extra digit on the price!

These drums are designed to put as little between you and your playing.

Mapex Armory Drumkits.jpg

Mapex Armory.jpg

Mapex Armory

Mapex Armory Series drums include a number of premium features borrowed from the Mapex Saturn IV line that will provide pro-level performance to players looking for an affordable but gig-worthy kit.

A fusion of Birch and Maple delivers the ultimate in tonal expression!

Mapex Saturn V Drumkits.jpg

Mapex Saturn V.jpg

Mapex Saturn V

Whether in the Studio or on the Stage, the Mapex Saturn V series has a big and rounded sound with great versatility.

The unique Maple and Walnut shell composition coupled with the SONIClear™ bearing edge results in clear and focused rack toms, fat and dense floor toms, and bass drums with a balance of punch and boom!

Mapex Black Panther Drumkits.jpg

Mapex Black Panther.jpg

Mapex Black Panther

Based on its successfully distinctive snare drum series, Mapex has taken this highly progressive design philosophy, extended it across an entire collection of unique drums and created the Mapex Black Panther drum Series.

Black Panther drums feature boldly unique shell formulas with specially designed bearing edge profiles to create distinctive tone and voice. With the Black Panther Series, Mapex speaks to the artistic side of every drummer by giving them drums that bring life to the sound they have only heard in their dreams!


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