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DW Drum Kits

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At Drummers Paradise, we have a great selection of Drum Workshop Drum Kits and Hardware!

After more than forty years of innovation and tireless dedication to improving the way drum products are made, DW drums, pedals and hardware are the standard by which all others are measured. To get here, it takes more than a working knowledge of the instrument or a few good ideas; it takes a true passion for designing and manufacturing the very best.

DW Design Series Drumkits.jpg

DW Design Series.jpg

DW Design Series

The Design Series is a DW kit through and through. With a newly-designed mini Turret lug, the DW Design Series' looks are fresh, yet decidedly DW.

The Design Series shells are full, resonant, and responsive, with thicker North American Maple HVLT shells that pack a punch!

DW Design Series Mini-Pro Drumkits.jpg

DW Design Series Mini Pro.jpg

DW Design Series Mini Pro

Originally designed as a high-end drum set for children, the Mini Pro became a much talked about kit among DW artists. Its quality construction and scaled-down sizes sounded astonishingly big and it was simply fun to play. Now, the Mini Pro makes its return as part of the Design Series™ lineup in two configurations with two finish options. Low-mass spurs and a ratchet bass drum mount also come standard.

DW Design Series Frequent Flyer Drumkits.jpg

DW Design Series Frequent Flyer.jpg

DW Design Series Frequent Flyer

What if there was a travel kit that didn't sound like a travel kit? What if that kit was just small enough to be travel-friendly, but also substantial enough to sound like a 'real' drum set should? The kit is offered in all DW Design Series finishes, and features shells consisting solely of North American maple with no reinforcement hoops.

DW Performance Series Drumkits.jpg

DW Performance Series.jpg

DW Performance Series

This is a DW drumset in every way. No detail has been overlooked, no corners have been cut. It's look and sound are decidedly DW. Custom-inspired, with a new Quarter Turret lug, low mass die-cast claw hook, new badge, logo head and your choice of 4 hand-sprayed Specialty Lacquer finishes, it's designed to get noticed and most importantly, the DW Performance Series sounds like what you'd expect from DW!

DW Collectors Series Drumkits.jpg

DW Collectors Series.jpg

DW Collector's Series

DW's flagship line of Custom Drums are offered in North American Hard Rock Maple, Select Heartwood Birch, and Maple/Mahogany. DW's Collector’s Series is the original American Made custom drum set.

Choose from a myriad of state-of-the art California Custom Shop shell configurations and a seemingly endless array of high-end finishes and drum hardware color options to create your very own dream set-up!

DW Limited Edition Drumkits.jpg

DW Limited Edition.jpg

DW Limited Edition

There's nothing DW love more, than creating an extra-special, timeless and collectable piece of hand-crafted artwork that also begs to be played.

Not only are these Limited Editions crafted to be visually stunning, but equally stunning in their meticulous construction, and unique components.


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