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Acoustic Drums

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Find the Drum Kit of your Dreams at Drummers Paradise!

Whether you're playing Rock, Funk, Jazz or Metal, Drummers Paradise has you covered with a wide range of acoustic drum kits from the world's leading drum brands Mapex, DW (Drum Workshop), PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion), Tama, Natal and Pearl. If you're looking for Birch, Maple, Bubinga or Walnut shells, then we've got them - and we want to sell them to YOU!

Looking for a great starter kit? Check out the Mapex Voyager, Tama Swingstar, Pearl Export, Pearl Roadshow, or the PDP Mainstage!

Have you been playing for a few years and want to upgrade your starter kit to an intermediate level kit? Come and have a look at the Pearl Visions, Mapex Mars, Mapex Armory, Tama Silverstar, Tama Superstar Hyperdrive or the PDP Concept Maple!

Maybe you're a seasoned pro, or have just always wanted to purchase your dream drumkit, then it's time to come in and look at a Tama Starclassic, Mapex Saturn V, Pearl Masters, Pearl Reference, or DW Collector's series!

Click on any link below to see our catalog listing of drum kits from these great brands!

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