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Sabian Sound Kit - Drum Mic and Mixer Kit

Sabian Sound Kit - Drum Mic and Mixer Kit

Sabian Sound Kit - Drum Mic and Mixer Kit

Sabian's Sound Kit is a complete microphone and mixer kit designed as a simple solution to drum sounds in a variety of scenarios. The drum mixer is equipped with a kick-tuned channel, two optimized overhead channels, a high output headphone amp with both 3.5mm and 1/4" jacks, and a lineout for live audio applications. The mixer comes with preset audio filters on each channel designed to maximize the quality of sound. The user still has the ability to customize their sound by boosting or cutting high and low frequencies.

The mic set includes a dynamic kick drum microphone (SK1) featuring a frequency response tailored specifically for bass drums and a diaphragm dynamic design built for the high sound pressure levels of today's kick drums. Also included are two overhead microphones (SOH2) optimized specifically for use as drum overheads.


  • 1x Kick-tuned channel
  • 2x Overhead-optimized channels
  • Utilizes a simple three mic setup for natural sound
  • Built in SD Recorder — play, review, improve!
  • Preset audio filters designed to take the guesswork out of getting great sound
  • Connect your device for music or click
  • High output headphone amp
  • Line-out for live audio applications

The simplest solution for great drum sounds!

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